Elevating the human experience with healthy smiles across America

Studies confirm an association between the oral care and overall health and development of children. Unfortunately, millions of American children, almost 1 in 4 between the ages of 2 and 11, have not been to a dentist because of affordability and 1 in 5 are affected by tooth decay by age 5. * Smile with Heart was founded to ensure that all children, regardless of ability to pay, have access to quality dental services to support healthy lives through proper oral care.

To meet the needs of disadvantaged children across the country, the USA initiative provides outreach through free dental days and mobile units. With a growing network across 15 states, we invite children into dental offices to connect with clinical teams and establish a foundation of proper care through education materials, screenings, emergent treatment, and dental kits as reminders of the importance of sustaining their dental experience. Because transportation can be an issue, our partnership with mobile units allows us to take our mission beyond dental offices and directly into areas of need, connecting with children through schools and community organizations. Our mobile unit partnerships are key to creating impactful dental awareness through a highly-visible, touring presence and service through education, screenings, and treatment connections.

*Pediatric Oral Health Research & Policy Center

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