Relief & Rebuild

Relief & Rebuild

Correcting the path of crises and void to refocus on missions of dental care

As we work towards creating better, healthier lives for children, we recognize that the evolution of the world around us can, at times, be unpredictable and life-changing. In the midst of that change, our Relief & Rebuild Fund provides the caring support to weather events and right the human experience back on the track of health and happiness.

Relief & Rebuild is more than just financial support to those in need during crises such as economic and natural disasters. It also extends funding to nurture progress on issues, such as contaminated water, that impact our mission of providing dental care and education to children. Relief & Rebuild enables us to give back in support of the communities across our current service area. When this monetary support meets caring action, barriers to success are reduced which enables focus back on the vision of proper oral health care for all children.

There are no grants available at this time.

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